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Plutonic v. Twin Flame Relationships


How to recognize and understand the difference.

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Since the phrase *Twin Flame* has crept into the public’s consciousness, there have been people wondering, “Is he/she my Twin Flame?”, “How do I find out who my Twin Flame is?” and, even more importantly, “if they’re *not* my TF, why is this relationship so intense?”

We’re *finally* putting these questions under the astrological microscope. In this class, we’re going to:

  • Attempt to remove some of the mystery around determining the nature and the goal of some of your most *charged* and *deeply connected* relationships by looking at how your birth chart and that of your *person* line up in some critical areas.
  • Introduce you to the concept of Plutonic Relationships and show you how to compare whether this person is a TF, a soulmate, a karmic soulmate/Plutonic soulmate or a life partner(or, all of the above).
  • Show you how to find three, four even five points of TF indicators so even though there is no one *silver bullet* to answer the *who* question, knowing all of these points will definitely help you sort things out for yourself and give you information on how to use this information for your highest good.