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Reading Your Soul’s Blueprint – Self Paced


Life lessons for this incarnation

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When you’re born, you *do* come with a set of instructions, regardless of what your parents told you. 😂

These instructions are your Spiritual Blueprint – they show your destiny and life lessons you’ve agreed to learn from in this incarnation. The other thing that happens when you’re born on this planet: you forget your contracts and lessons as you fall behind the *veil of forgetfulness*. The entire lifetime, you will see glimmers of the Blueprint that Spirit and you have agreed to — but most people don’t see the whole picture – or even pieces of it – until they awaken and get curious about the reason they’re here.

In this class, we’ll explore what the Spiritual Blueprint is and give you the tools to read it and work with the energies and contracts you’re here to explore. The clues are in your astrology, your *dejavu* moments, your soul contracts and your exploration of pivotal moments in your life.