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Sacred Symbols Oracle Deck


Author: Marcella Kroll




The Eye of Horus. The Horned God. The Pentacle. The Ankh. Across the world, throughout history, and present in every culture, there are glyphs and sigils that embody sacred power in instantly recognizable ways. Author and artist Marcella Kroll, a practicing intuitive with over twenty years of experience, has developed this deck into a cult hit that has provided clarity and strength to thousands of her fans. By focusing on the most effective symbols over twenty printings, she has honed her expertise and produced a 50-card deck that represents a clear path to both personal and universal understanding. Now, in its finished form–featuring a brand-new card–it is available on a larger scale and accessible to those who wish to achieve clarity and access divine knowledge in their own lives. Whether you use this as a tool for meditation, to start your day with a brief intuitive session, or as a divination tool to give you hints at what might lie ahead, this is an essential deck for acquiring the kind of primal wisdom that can be elusive without the right tools.