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Tarot Mastery Certification Program AND The Wisdom of the Tarot Bundle


This bundle includes the following:

  • MaryJo’s Souls on Fire Tarot Deck
  • The Wisdom of the Tarot Comprehensive Tarot Course
  • The Tarot Mastery Certification Program


NOTE:  If you have already taken the Wisdom of the Tarot course with MJ and are interested in partaking in the Certification please reach out to us at soulfulrevolutiontv@gmail.com.  We will provide instruction on how to sign up.

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Harness your intuition & build your mastery of Tarot to help others achieve their goals, connect more effectively in relationships and live happier lives of meaning and fulfilment.

In Soulful Revolution’s Tarot Mastery Certification program, you’ll be able to learn the finer points of opening to your Intuition, connect with your Spirit Guides consistently & deliver accurate readings every time. We’ll also cover how to build a professional Tarot practice for yourself, give you opportunities to practice your trade & develop a strong clientele.

The Wisdom of the Tarot is the foundational learning (and a pre-requisite for applying to the certification program) that will guide the Mastery Certification. In this 6-month intensive certification program, you’ll be invited to LIVE learning & mentorship sessions on reading, developing your skill, learning to create a thriving Tarot practice. You’ll be given real-world practice sessions by offering readings to those seeking assistance.

After the required practical hours of readings, your final exam will be both a written exam & deliver a reading for MJ or Colleen or members of the Soulful Revolution team.

Your certification will include an invitation to participate on Soulful Revolution’s website, allowing you to offer paid readings to help you build your practice.

LIVE teaching & Q&A sessions:

1. Tarot Storytelling, Choosing Spreads & Interactive Reading: setting the stage for accuracy

2. Opening to Intuition – Third Eye Activation

3. Spirit Guides, Archangels & Accessing Higher Wisdom

4. Becoming a Professional & Building Your Practice

5. Student-driven Topic x2

Live Sessions begin on January 16th at 6:00pm Eastern Time

The Full schedule will be posted shortly.