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Nov 22 to Dec 21

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Temperance is about the ability to blend something so it can move forward. This requires patience and a bit of alchemical magic. A little of this, a smattering of that....how can we make this work? Temperance is also about patience and being willing to compromise to make something happen. Karma is at work here...this is the Archangel Michael willing to work things out with heavenly timelines and help. Consider this card lucky (Jupiter) because the Universe is working in your favor!


REVERSED: Holdups, resistance to working things out, the fates are against it.


INNER CHILD HEALING: A little bit of this, a little bit of that....it's going to take a little trial and error to get where you're going. That's OK...it's time to be flexible.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: *Rigid* is the word for how you're reacting ... the answer is to listen waaay more than you speak. 

KEYWORDS: Blending of opposites, inner strength, harmony, balance, karma

COMMON PAIRINGS: Paired with Judgement and Temperance = Archangel appearance (with Wheel - FATE/destiny at play)

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