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5 Bad Habits that BLOCK Your Intuition

You get a funny feeling about that house….and you don’t buy it. You learn later there’s a terrible mold problem & the new owners are spending thousands to fix it.

You walk into a room where two people sit, but you know there’s something *else* going on here. Later, one of them tells you about their affair.

You sit at that traffic light that just turned green for a few extra seconds….and a truck runs the red light, smashing into a guardrail…right where you would have been, if you’d moved forward without hesitating.

All of these are examples of different *channels* of your Intuition. Yes, you have several. And if you’ve been working on developing new channels, good for you. It’s absolutely do-able to open and expand new channels you aren’t using currently.

But did you know that you could be actually shutting down your intuition by clinging to some bad habits?

Here are 5 Bad Habits that shut down your intuition.

1. You are *up in your head*. This is a term we use when we are in some type of thinking or anxiety loop. We just can’t stop *thinking* about it! Well, *thinking* (your mind) is NOT intuition, in fact, too much thinking drowns out your Intuitive senses and makes you vulnerable to bad choices or worse, disastrous decisions that can reverberate for a long time. To work with this, you need to get grounded. Get out in nature or get back into your body by dancing, walking or immersing yourself in a pleasurable hobby. Get tactile and this will ease the *perseverating* thinking.

2. Bad boundaries. Yup, being a pushover is terrible for your intuitive senses. Effectively, you’re out of your body and focused on another person so much (people pleasing) you have abandoned your intuition altogether.

3. Resistance to your Shadow. Your Shadow – or the parts of yourself you wish didn’t exist, the parts of yourself that are *shame based* – is very useful in showing us ways to grow. If you shut down any whiff of your jealousy or greed, you light a fuse. These parts of you are to be worked with as they can yield important insights that bring massive growth in your life. Maybe you feel your *greedy* if you want to build a business. Who gave you that idea? Is that what’s holding you back? These are attitudes about money and what we *deserve* that need airing and sunshine, not more darkness. In the dark, they fester and can come out in unexpected – and unpleasant ways. By turning your back on these Shadow elements of yourself, you’re denying yourself a powerful ally in truth and growth. Your Intuition will be stronger if you embrace your dark side. You need ALL of you to grow!

4. Wishful thinking. Oof…this is a tough one. We all fantasize and hope for the best, no? Wishful thinking takes that dreaminess one step further into projecting a reality that does not exist. There is, absolutely, an objective reality and your manifesting ability – and intuition – will be sharper if you can discern the objective reality from the hopes and dreams you have. By all means, create a reality for yourself….but base it on truth rather than the rosy picture of fantasy.

5. And finally…..ignoring…or not being curious….about the workings of your Subconscious. Yes, it’s subconscious, so you may think it’s not there at all, however, studies show that a full 90%+ of ALL of our decisions and actions are run by our subconscious, isn’t it worth it to get curious about what the heck is in there? For example, have you ever reacted to something in a surprising or out of context way? The reaction definitely did NOT match the reality? That’s called a trigger….and it’s a red flag that the subconscious sends up to the conscious that *hey, there’s more going on here than meets the eye.* You could also have taken in the belief systems of your family in a non-verbal way (we all do) and you just assume they are the truth, until one day, your experiences or Intuition cries *FOUL* and you need to face this gaping chasm. This is known as an a-ha! moment or Tower moment. You can continue to ignore it but more Tower moments will happen until you say *hey, what’s up with this?” A very good question – and one that starts you down the road to uncovering true intuitive information, trying to surface.

I’m sure there are plenty more bad habits to add to this list – let me know what yours are! In our Pathfinders group, starting Jan 31, we’re going to take on the topic of opening (and trusting) our Intuition. I hope you’ll join us for this very powerful journey!

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