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Can Astrology tell me if I am a Twin Flame?

Astrology is a powerful tool that shows us our lessons, our wounds, our Superpowers….and our destined relationships. Astrology is a method of telling time by planetary alignments, to be sure, but it goes much deeper than a cold recounting of the stars, the planets, the Sun and the Moon.

We are made up of the same stuff the planets are made from. In this vast Universe, the particles and packets of energy, as practically applied Physics shows us, make up all matter. We are *matter* and the planets and stars are *matter* too. Energetically speaking, we move as the Cosmos move. We are influenced and impacted by energetic frequency and alignment and Astrology shows us those energetic movements. We can be unconsciously buffeted around by these movements – or, we can become consciously aware of them and use them on our path.

Twin Flame energy is no different. Each set of Twin Flames come to earth with a purpose and a mission – both individual and joint – to work with and grow through. These missions are reflected in the life blueprint known as your Birth or Natal Chart.

Each couple is different, however, and this requires an in-depth look at the birth charts of two people. Birth times are incredibly important for this work: without that, you’ll miss out on how the Houses are mapped in the birth chart, the Ascendant and likely the Moon placement (not to mention, confusion around the North Node, an incredibly important piece of the Twin Flame journey). If you can narrow this down to *morning* or *late afternoon*, we can work with it….

but that will be an extra layer of work for you that can be time consuming.

That said, what part of your Birth Chart can give you a hint that you are a Twin Flame? I’ve noticed a few placements that you should look at for yourself:

  1. Your North Node & South Node hold the key. Your North Node is your unique mission on this planet – and your South Node point to your past lives. These companion nodes showcase the growth pathway you’re being asked to embrace. In an individual’s chart, they point the way to your Twin Flame journey, especially if they are pointing to a Spiritual path. With a couple, we can chart the joint mission & past lives of each couple.
  2. Your Chiron. Many Twin Flames are *wounded healers* and that is exactly what your Chiron placement shows us. When we look at two charts in Synastry, we can see the Soul Contract between two souls, very important to note on a Twin Flame path.
  3. The 12th House & the planets or aspects it makes. The 12th House is the connection to the Divine and I’ve seen quite extraordinary connections revealed by studying this House in each of the Twin’s natal charts.
  4. Venus, Mars & Jupiter – Considered *The Big 3* planets in love relationships, of which, Twin Flames, definitely qualify. Even if it’s not to be a marriage, how these planets talk to each other gives us a lot of information on how this relationship will work.
  5. The Mirror Effect – Twin Flames are not exactly the same, they’re a mirror for each other, something that will show up in Twin Flame synastry charts.
  6. The Elements – Air, Fire, Earth and Water – are you supplying what your partner is missing and vice versa? In traditional compatibility, we look just to Sun and Moon, but we go deeper exploring the energy in Twin Flame charts.

I could go on for at least an additional page about all the discoveries I’ve made regarding Twins and their Astrological union. If you’re interested in exploring – and perhaps even discovering more aspects of the Twin Flame astrological journey, grab a seat in my new group, Twin Flame Astrology – kicks off April 4th!

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