The Empress

The very embodiment of love, The Empress is Venus. The nurturer. The warm mothering nature. The caring and giving person. At her highest vibration, she is the quintessential wife and mother. The Divine Feminine. At her lowest vibe, a take care of me succubus. Her allowing and welcoming nature are not active (like her Mars counterpart) but allowing others to take action is also a loving behavior. When you see this card, are you in the energy of nurturing love or are you waiting for you to receive love?

REVERSED: A woman scorned and upended by a lack of love in her relationship.

INNER CHILD HEALING: Now is the time to give yourself a warm hug and review all the parts of yourself that are pure magic. It’s time to take a fierce inventory of what’s awesome about you… embrace all of it.

BLOCKED INNER CHILD: Your self-talk is out of whack… are you criticizing everything you do? It’s time to wake up and realize you’re being your own worst enemy.