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The Empress

The very embodiment of love, The Empress *is* Venus. The nurturer. The warm mothering nature. The caring and giving person. At her highest vibration, she is the quintessential wife and mother. The Divine Feminine. At her lowest vibe, a *take care of me* succubus. Her allowing and welcoming nature are not active (like her Mars counterpart) but allowing others to take action is also a loving behavior. When you see this card, are you in the energy of nurturing love, or are you waiting for you to receive love?


REVERSED: A woman scorned and upended by a lack of love in her relationship.


INNER CHILD HEALING: Now is the time to give yourself a warm hug and review all the parts of yourself that are pure magic. It's time to take a fierce inventory of what's awesome about you....embrace all of it.


BLOCKED INNER CHILD: Your self-talk is out of whack...are you criticizing everything you do? It's time to wake up and realize you're being your own worst enemy.

KEYWORDS: Mother, passion, devotion, unconditional love; wife and mother; abundant; love, caring, pregnancy; passion

COMMON PAIRINGS: Paired with Queen of Pentacles or Queen of Cups = Nurturing Energy (sometimes "mothering energy"), Paired with Emperor, Ace of Pentacles, or Ace of Wands = Pregnancy Cards