Planetary Ruler


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Dates Associated

August 22 to September 23

Astrology House


Card Number



Introspective and wise, the Hermit is Gandalf....the wise teacher, gaining wisdom through experience and shedding light on the true path forward. This card can indicate you're becoming wise...or a teacher is sure to show up on your path in the not too distant future. Experience is sometimes the best teacher.


REVERSED: You're not gaining any wisdom from this adventure....just letting any learning go right on by you.


INNER CHILD HEALING: Look at you, wise sage. You are peaceful in your knowledge and wisdom...and others see it. Be at peace and follow your own guidance.


BLOCKED INNER CHILD: Completely unable to access your inner wisdom. you run away and hide. This is not helping you.


KEYWORDS:  Wisdom, wise leader, sage, prophet, spiritual guide, quiet, introspective

COMMON PAIRINGS: Paired with High Priestess = Spiritual Connection, Paired with Fool = Opposite Energies at play