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How do I Connect with my Guides?

So – you want to connect to Mary Magdalene or St. Germaine, do you?

I think that’s GREAT. There is so much wisdom in forging relationships with these powerful teachers and guides.

But let’s back up… Do you have a solid relationship with….wait for it….yourself? Many of us want to get right to the meat of our Spiritual Guidance team without considering: WE ARE THE LEADER and our Guides are here to with with us. This is also true of the Universe/God/Source…in this Age of Aquarius, we’re no longer seeing God as *out there* and increasingly recognizing this astonishing fact: God is IN us.

We are a piece of God. There. I said it.

Your Spiritual Awakening journey is about you remembering this very fact.

Once you do, you’ll start to work *with* God/the Universe/Source as your teacher and mentor, sure, but as a co-creative force. Prayer now looks like: *how can I get more empowered around this situation or person?* or *how can I heal this Invisible Child wounding?*. God/The

Universe/Source is there for you, always. Your job is to start connecting, and to do that, we must ground.

While we have Jupiter (our expansive capability that reaches for Source) in Taurus (the earth, our values and our very value on this planet), can we take a minute to feel our connection to GAIA and be grateful for all the bounty we have already manifested? No matter how small, gratitude is the secret sauce of prayer and manifesting.

The next step is to continue this gratitude while looking up from our connection and being present in each moment. Feeling the wonder at life unfolding all around us. If we can anchor our lives in these two extremely critical steps, we are 80% there.

The final step in this part of our journey is to ask in protection so we may be assured the guidance we receive is anchored in LOVE. *I allow only messages and guidance meant for my best and highest good and anchored in love.” All other messages, from dark entities or trickster energy, need not apply.

That’s a big step: that means you are *open* to messages – both positive and difficult – and we are saying *I’m here and I will hear you.* So much of the time, we block our intuition by asking for only the messages we *want* to hear, not the messages that will have the most power to help us grow and thrive.

Take some time with these three steps. These need to be in place for your intuition to truly come on line and then, we start learning about our Guides!

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