Planetary Ruler



(Air, Fire, Earth, Water)

Earth of Fire

Dates Associated

June 21 to September 24

Yes / No / Maybe



This Page is a lot of fun - adventurous and inspirational, he's always on the go. This Page brings in the fresh new ideas and the curiosity needed to follow your nose. When you see this Page, know that there are messages coming in that are likely to ignite some passion deep within -- your creative juices will be stirred. In the reverse, this Page is petulant and can lash out. Very emotionally immature and not particularly reliable, this Page can also be spreading rumors and generally mixing things up...and not productively. In terms of healing, this Page can ask you to take a look at the things that make you fly off the handle. This Page is helpful if you need a boost of energy for a new project.

KEYWORDS: Adventurous, inspirational, creative, messages that excite you 

PLANET/SIGN: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius