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The Latest From Soulful Revolution in July!

Astrology is power. Mark this date on your calendar: July 17, 2023. This is the date you have with your Spiritual Destiny.

 Many of you have come into the awareness that you and the Cosmos are one – we are made of the same stuff and as energetic beings, we are all connected. There is no separation.

So – when the Heaven’s align in a Cardinal Grand Cross (or Grand Square) at the very powerful Anaretic Degree of 29 (more on this later) – I pay attention. And you should too.

First, this alignment is in the shape of a Cardinal Grand Cross which is charged with the energy needed to level up in your Spiritual Destiny. The four Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra,Cancer & Capricorn) are all being activated by the alignment of the Lunar Nodes (North Node and South Node) at 29 Degrees and the New Moon in Cancer and Pluto, also at 29 degrees.

The North Node is our collective karmic path we must walk and on this date, July 17, the North Node shifts from Taurus (where it’s been since January 2022) into ARIES, the Warrior while the South Node shifts into Libra (from Scorpio). This changing of the energetic guard brings in fire and passion as well as lifetimes of balance and relationship prowess.

The New Moon in Cancer invites you to plant the seeds of the future (after our July 3 Full Moon in Capricorn cleared the decks by helping us to purge old, worn out tasks, jobs,responsibilities), paving the way for a new heart-centered mission.

This New Moon is in opposition to Pluto. Pluto represents our relationship to power, transformation and where you may struggle in your relationship to control.

This is a date with your Destiny.

At 29 degrees, the die has been cast. The actions, choices and decisions have already been made and you are invited to take a seat and watch as things play out. This is not to say you’re powerless. Not at all….but the lesson here is how are you choosing to WORK with what is presented to you and the leveling up in your Spiritual Path will likely give you just the tools you need at exactly the right moment.

This is a lot of dynamic energy converging at one date in time. Let’s get prepared – I invite you to join me on July 11th for a one-time, LIVE teaching session to help us harness the power of this magical & karma-filled moment.

  • Live Session to be held on July 11th at 5:00pm EASTERN Time

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In our years of engaging with our Pathfinder group, we’ve been careful to curate questions that everyone listening to the call could gain insight & help in their own situations. In doing that, we’ve chosen to let the more personalized questions – the ones that maybe only the person asking – go largely unanswered. For the good of the group and the collective learning experience.

Until now.

This is a very exclusive opportunity — only a few people will gain access to this LIVE Q&A session and each of you will be invited to submit your *one burning question.*

  • Live Session to be held on July 6th at 5:00pm EASTERN Time
  • This session will be limited to 12 people
  • Sign Up Here

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