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Welcome to the 11/11 Portal!

This is a *powerful* energetic gateway & will be instrumental in shaking things up (in a good way, of course!)

For most of 2023, we’ve been in a holding pattern and now, we’re about to hit the gas.

The Grand Cardinal Cross of July 17 was sowing the seeds of *action* and now, as we move into this portal….life is about to get a lot more *interesting* for Soulmates of all stripes, including Twin Flames. (click here for the full story)

Here’s what’s happening:

The 11:11 Portal on November 11, 2023 is flowing some wonderful energy. With Venus entering into the sign of love (Libra) on November 8, we’re going to be all in our *feelings* with the ones we love. This is also reciprocal – those we flow love to will flow love back to us, making for a joyful transmission of good vibes, especially in Twin Flame connections.

The 11:11 portal has an energy signature of Twin Flames in contact and connection so expect a lot of telepathy to happen, dreams are very loud and even prophetic and this time and a gateway to TF union is opening up. Those of you who are in separation with your Twin Flame may be very aware of their presence, coming closer. It’s been the wisdom of the Tarot in readings this week to show the reconnection, reawakening & reunion of Twin Flames is imminent.

This is, of course, because of the TWO Stelliums (three or more planets in a sign) that are happening in the masculine signs of Sagittarius & Aries as we move through the month, so get ready for some *fire*. This is the *key* to the Twin Flame reconnection.

On the 24th of November, we have:

  • Mars, the Sun and Mercury all transiting in Sagittarius
  • and we have the North Node, Chiron in Aries with a brief show by the Moon transiting through (the Moon moves very quickly).
  • This day will be very important in re-igniting the passion in the Twin Flame – and even some Soulmate connections.

On that same day, these Aries placements will be opposite the South Node in Libra (as it always travels opposite the North Node in retrograde) & Venus in Libra is giving us a month long love affair with any past-life or Soul Contract that’s been activated by the 11:11 portal.

In addition, we have Jupiter (the planet of *good partner*) transiting Taurus & helping us to anchor any connections that will be initiated at this time.

Before we get to the 24th, we have a New Moon in Scorpio. That transformative energy is beckoning you to invite change. Big change. What is on your mind that would change the trajectory of your life right now? Invite it in.

So – that’s cool – but how do I tell *what effect* these transits will have on me personally? Grab your astrological birth chart (if you don’t have one, here’s the link to create one for yourself) & take a look at the HOUSES ruled by each of the signs mentioned. When I say *ruled* I mean, what sign is on the cusp (the beginning) of each House? The sign on the cusp *rules* that House. Scorpio kicks off my 2nd House of Earned Income & Values, Aries rules my 7th House of Intimate Partnerships, and Libra is my Ascendant (Rising) sign so that *rules* my 1st House of Personality & Ego. What about you?

If you don’t understand – but really, really want to start learning about how astrology impacts your life, why not jump into my bi-weekly LIVE Astrology Chart Mastery Program and start surfing the energies!

I hope you’re willing to ride these incredibly powerful waves this November. Here’s to a passionate & positive change in your life!

Oxoxo MJ

3 Card Spreads

While there are literally HUNDREDS of cool three card spreads you can use to help guide you, it’s not just the *pulling of cards* that can bring you clarity.

First, the simpler the better. It’s going to be so much more important that you gain clarity so rather than jumping in with big, complicated spreads, why not just get to the heart of the matter?

Second, if you do this consistently every morning, and follow the journaling technique I’m sharing here, you can start to see the big picture. Over time, you’ll notice trends and even be able to see when your path jumps to a new timeline.

And Third, be sure to sit in an energy of gratitude all through this process. Being grateful for the guidance – even if you don’t like it – will be key to your success.

So – let’s jump right in.

What’s your question? I’m going to suggest that consistency in this regard will also be your friend. Keep it general so information can flow on a variety of life events and experiences. You can also clarify for a specific relationship question or abundance need *after* you do your general reading.

Here are a few of my favorite questions for Spirit:

  • What do I need to know today?
  • What’s on my path today?
  • What am I not paying attention to that needs my focus today?
  • What’s your guidance tome today, Spirit?

Pick one question and use it every day for a month or so. It will be more beneficial to you the longer you use the same general question.

Got it? OK….next, shuffle the cards. If you want to use jumpers (cards that jump out as your shuffling) go for it. Shuffle until you get the feeling of completion or satisfaction. I usually here *one more* as I shuffle, and when I stop hearing *one more,* I stop shuffling. I cut the cards and then pull from the top. If you want to, pull the card from underneath. That’s the *subconscious* card – the one that’s running things, even if we don’t know it or see it coming.

Here are a few of my FAVORITE 3-CARD SPREADS to get you started:

  1. How I got here/What I need to know or do today/Advice or energy to put into practice for the future
  2. Where you are now/where you’re headed if you stay on this path/advice
  3. Current Situation/Obstacle/Advice to move forward
  4. Your conscious mind/your subconscious mind/your Superconscious mind
  5. What will help me today/What will hinder me today/what is my unrealized potential
  6. Where I am now/what’s holding me back/how can I overcome this?

You can clarify if you like, but before you do that, I urge you to try this: sit with the card you want to clarify and ask Spirit for a word or an image – what do you mean, Spirit? Clarify with your Intuition first. Then, pull the clarifier – that may add a whole new energy to the reading.


Shameless plug for journaling: Might I suggest that you use a companion journal entry each morning? Go one step further…reflect on the day before you go to bed at night. Here’s a little guide to help you do that…..

Morning ritual:

After you work through the spreads above in your heart space and intuitive knowing, grab your journal.

  1. Date the page & write down the spread/cards.
  2. Make notes on what your Intuition told you about what these cards *mean* for you today.
  3. Write for the rest of the page, riffing on these words and meanings that came through for you
  4. Ask Spirit *is there anything I’m missing?*
  5. Write anything that comes through. If you want to keep going, if things start flowing, keep your pen moving. If not, don’t force it.
  6. Ask for signs throughout the day that relate to the messages you got this morning – either to expand your awareness, warn of danger or advice.
  7. Pay attention. All day.
  8. At night, say a prayer of gratitude for this day and all the help Spirit afforded you.
  9. Journal any reflections or signs you received.
  10. Ask for more help in your dreams. (in the morning, be sure to journal a little about your dream)

The point is to keep clarity flowing. Keep the connection open. This works – and it works even better when you have a crisis if you start doing this daily. You’ll have this running conversation to help you when you are most in need.


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