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Why does my Intuition STOP talking to me?

OK….let’s dive in.

The reason you’re not connecting to your Intuitive Guidance System is you’re not in your body.

When you’re up in your head and everything is swirling around you, this is what being *ungrounded* looks like.

Your intuition isn’t really *up there* – it’s anchored in your body. Your body, with all it’s systems – energetic and physical – is the conduit to your connection to Spirit.

Remember those *Spirit chills* or *goosebumps* you get when a reading is spot on? Remember that little thump in your chest you get when you hear the truth? Or that flood of *ohhhh yeaaaahhhh” when you’ve uncovered a connection that gives you the next piece of the puzzle?

This is your intuition talking. Your brain is a great tool: for organizing and analyzing – but you have to import the data first. Software is literally no good unless there’s something to work on. When an answer you’ve been seeking or a new creative idea is what you need, you *think* you’re thinking – but what you really need to do is CREATE. This is a whole different way of plugging in. And that is exactly what you’re doing.

Your intuition is always available to you – 24/7/365. Usually, the trouble is we try to go in through our MIND…..and don’t even get me started with fear and anxiety (topics we’ll discuss at length in Pathfinder’s Intuition lessons all through 2024).

Your job is to first, get yourself GROUNDED. Drink some water, take a deep breath and put your feet in the earth or on the floor. Drop your attention to your heart and just sit there for a while. Let loving energy flow to you from YOU. Use a mantra like *you got this…you are connected to the Divine* and just bring yourself totally in to your heart.

Just stay there and breathe for a while & know that the answer is coming.

Now, you can do a few different things after this: you can say a little Thank You to the Universe for the guidance you’re about to receive, and just ask for what you need: “Spirit (or God or Dear Universe), help me open to the Guidance (which is always inside you, by the way) I need today about ________. Shine the light on my path and help me see what is in my best and highest good. With gratitude and love.”

Ask. Say thank you. Then….pay attention. All day. Get up and go about your life. But don’t fall asleep on watching for signs, symbols, synchronicities and opportunities along the way. Best of all, just keep saying *yes* and *thank you, Spirit* as you go.

BONUS: This is a *quickie* process I use when I don’t have time to go walking around the Earth and receiving signs. Ready?

Take a quarter. Head’s you do this, tales you do that.

Flip. The. Coin.

It’s heads? What’s your IMMEDIATE reaction? Disappointment? Excitement? This is a great indicator of how you *feel* about the choices at hand. I’m not advocating letting the coin decide…it’s your FEELING that is your guide.

Tally ho!

Starting this week and throughout 2024, my Pathfinder’s Group and I will be exploring our intuition, a new lesson each week. Grab your Pathfinder’s membership here!

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