The Court Cards in Tarot can be an inscrutable lot. They can either represent you and all the ways you’re showing up in a particular situation – or – they can be other people you may be dealing with. Court Cards also can mean how a situation is being handled (maturity level), messages you may receive and how fast or slowly things are unfolding. The key to the Court Cards is being able to tell if it’s you that’s being discussed....or other people.


Page of Cups

New beginnings, spiritual development, small messages of love


Knight of Cups

Romance and offers of love, moving slowly in romance

Queen of Cups

Nurturing and loving, spiritual and giving


King of Cups

Masculine but a softie, tears up at a movie or a loving gesture


Page of Wands

Adventurous, inspirational, creative, messages that excite you 


Knight of Wands

Positive energy, unpredictable, inspired movement, creative inspiration

Queen of Wands

Passionate, intense, tempramental, drama-queen, spiritual


King of Wands

Inspirational, motivational, entrepreneurial, passionate, innovative


Page of Swords

Written messages, gossip, easily detaches from situations


Knight of Swords

Mercurial, whip-smart, impulsive and eager to jump in to every situation


Queen of Swords

Discerning and quick to assess every situation, good at asking the right questions


King of Swords

Visionary, leadership that borders on rebelliousness and decisive

Page of Pentacles

Message of luck or learning something new, someone wants to "make things official"


Knight of Pentacles

Dependable, serious, reliable and very slow moving. An offer of a date or of spending some time with someone. 


Queen of Pentacles

Mother Earth, nurturing in a physical way, protective, practical, go-getter


King of Pentacles

King Midas, worldly success, bountiful and generous, pragmatic, responsible and trustworthy


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